Westmoreland's Most-Watched Event

A high-profile, much anticipated event the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport hosts for the community is its airshow. Held on June 11th and 12th in 2022, the airshow also serves as a fundraiser for local entities, generating millions of dollars in economic impact to the community.
Print Materials
For 2022’s airshow, West Media Group prepared numerous print materials

  • Large banners
  • Event guide
  • VIP tickets

Social Media
West Media Group marketed the event via multiple channels of social media by utilizing:

  • Frequent posts, informative and/or entertaining
  • Eye-catching paid ads
  • Cross-platform posting

Web Design
A subsite of the Palmer Airport website was prepared for information and functional purposes.

  • Basic event information displayed in a flashy way
  • A slideshow of the featured events, some with pages of their own
  • A store page for VIP tickets
  • An FAQ section